Yellow Data

Yellow Data is a fairly new term and a offspring from its parent Open Data. Yellow Data refers to data which, due to its personal or confidential nature, cannot be made open but nevertheless needs to be efficiently shared among certain organisations, e.g. public authorities.key-padlock

Over the past 10 years the large post World War II generations have started to retire. As a consequence, the available workforce is shrinking and a shortage of highly skilled candidates makes it increasingly difficult to staff all job positions. An intense hunt for better personnel and more skilled resources is on in many countries, which opens up for movement of people and for more flexible kinds of employment. As the workforce become more mobile and moves freely between regions and across borders, governments and local authorities need to be able to share information seamlessly, efficiently and securely about citizens who move and businesses which hire.

Realising the need for sharing data which cannot be open, some of the most advanced countries regarding eGovernment, like Norway and Denmark, have developed strategies and technologies for Yellow Data.

Yellow Data is still very new, but it is becoming highly relevant for most countries around the world as the workforce becomes more mobile and flexible.

We are one of the only consultancies that can deliver knowledge on security models and Yellow Data strategies to help your organisation utilise and share Yellow Data.


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