Developing a good eGovernment strategy it is not about delivering endless pages state-of-the-art eGovernment theory and rhetoric. It is about delivering an comprehensive overview of concrete objectives mapped against existing solutions and processes, and an outline of how new technologies, processes and approaches could help achieve the defined objectives.'Strategy' highlighted in green

Browse the internet and see what others have done, but in the end make no mistake: A great eGovernment strategy cannot be copied from others or developed by hired consultants – it must be developed by you. For this process, eGovernment Alliance can provide you with the knowledge and support of highly skilled professionals who have worked succesfully through this process many times before.

We offer organisation target assstance and support in developing a top-notch eGovernment strategy with an expected lifespan of 5-8 years. In our experience this is the maximum number of years a eGovernment strategy can be expected to remain useful and current – any longer than that, new technologies, challenges and opportunities will have emerged and a fresh strategy will be required.


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