Open Data

Open Data as a concept has existed for many years but only recently the various governments across the world have stepped up and invested real efforts to open up their data. On of the more prominent sources that can be mentioned is Norway’s data portal,, where all public Open Data can be exposed to the public ñ free of charge naturally. Also Denmark and Sweden have initiatied open data projects and are looking to make the re-use of public sector data a key element in efforts to stimulate and support innovation and growth.

The rationale behind open government data can be considered as twofold. First, open data enables third parties, e.g. businesses and entrepreneurs, to leverage the potential of government data as a digital raw material for the development of applications and services that address public and private needs. Second, advocates contend that making government data available to the public in open formats increases government transparency and accountability, which is a key objective of Open

Government open data can be used in a very wide range of direct and indirect applications across the economy and many attempts have been made to estimate the potential value of open data re-use. The most recent estimate (2011) from the European Commission regarding the aggregate direct and indirect economic impacts from use and re-use across the whole EU economy is of the order of EUR 140 billion annually .

In order to reap the benefits of open data, it is important to understand that government open data includes a wide variety of datasets in terms of subject matter, format, media, quality, structure, topicality, re-usability and other parametres. Endeavours to open up and make data available must take this into account in order to ensure real impact and long-term sustainability.

Our senior consultants have extensive experience from various Nordic governmental Open Data projects and are well-equipped to assist you in developing an open data strategy or designing and implementing open data projects. Open Data is also related to subjects such as Yellow Data and Big Data which are also part of our portfolio.


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