Government to Businesses

Government services for businesses cover the full business life-cycle which includes company creation and registration, company maintenance and finance reporting, company evolution, life-long commitments and, eventually company dissolution. Many of the government services relates to digitised services such as eID, eSignature, eProcurement, eTAX, eSalary, ePension and so on.

In general, there are five stages in the “life” of any business:

  • Birth
  • Growth
  • Maturity
  • Decline
  • Death

For each stage, a wide range of businesses processes can be supported by corresponding eGovernment digital services.

In addition to the basic eGovernment service, which simply handles the necessary transaction between a business and the government, many services can be extended to include value-added process optimisation beyond the core transaction. An example is the procurement process which can be supported by a number of eProcurement services for sub-processes, such as eTendering, eNotification, eCatalogue, eOrdering, eInvoicing and ePayment, that can be designed to integrate with wider business operations and thus provide additional value to both businesses and government.


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