eProcurement or electronic procurement is the exchange of digital business documents regarding purchase and sale of goods or services, either business-to-government or business-to-business.

The e-procurement value chain consists of indent management, eTendering, eAuctioning, eNotification, eAccess, vendor management, catalogue management, purchase order integration, order status, ship notice, eInvoicing, ePayment, and contract management.

Public sector organisations use eProcurement for contracts to achieve benefits such as increased efficiency and cost savings (faster and cheaper) in government procurement and improved transparency (to enable business intelligence and to reduce corruption) in procurement services.euro-coins-version-ii

eProcurement in the public sector has seen rapid growth in recent years. One of the most impressive success stories is seen in Denmark where a national infrastructure, which is open, secure and internet-based, is in full use by all public agencies at the local, regional and national levels of government. In addition, legislation is in place making electronic invoicing mandatory in the public sector.

The European Commission has invested large amounts in developing a pan-European infrastructure that supports the procurement chain, and the Commission is set to make legislation regarding eInvoicing across Europe very soon.

We can deliver senior consultants that have past and current experience in dealing with eProcurement technology, project implementation and local legislation to assist your organisation.


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