Since 2007 the term eGovernment has spread like a wild fire across the world. eGovernment can be described as ‘digital public service’ and encompasses digital service interactions between government and citizens (G2C), government and businesses (G2B), and also between governments (G2G).government

eGovernment has been on the agenda in both Denmark, Norway and Sweden since 2007 with digitisation projects such as Citizen Self-Service Solutions, eID, eSignature, eHealth, Business Life Cycle, Business Self-Service Solutions, eCommerce, eProcurement, and more.

More recently the concept of Open Government has emerged and is now increasingly on the agenda of forward-looking governments.

Our consultants, who all have extensive experience from the public sector in the Nordic countries, can provide you with valuable insights and assist you in a wide range of eGovernment and Open Government endeavours.


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