About the owners

“Christian is a goal-oriented senior manager with vast experience from working with governments, private sector, consulting and research/development in Denmark, Norway, Belgium and the Middle East.

He was one of the first agile managers to be trained and educated at LEGO, and he was the first portfolio manager hired to build up an agile PMO within the Danish government.

He is excellent in building international relations and performing world-class business development, and he has been a moderator and speaker on several occasions through large events such as Scrum gatherings, eGovernment Forums and eProcurement & ICT conferences.

Keywords are:
☑ Complex program, portfolio and project management
☑ eGovernment initiatives and strategy
☑ Digital Transformation
☑ Business Development & Sustainability
☑ Auditing of projects
☑ Executive Management Coaching and training
☑ Cross-border and offshore collaboration
☑ Enterprise Architecture
☑ eProcurement, eTendering, eInvoicing, eAttestation and eContracts
….and cutting-edge technology such as cloud computing, Cyber Security, SMART grids, SMART Cities, Internet of Things, eHealth, eID and eSignature as well as large-scale infrastructure projects.”

I strive to help others improve their business, products, projects or even themselves, and it is important for me that positive value is created early after I enter into any kind of collaboration with my clients or employer – and perhaps one day you and I could work together as well?

Feel free to contact me for more info or a presentation of my work and project portfolio. Thank you for showing interest and reading – I look forward hearing from you.

Christian Vindinge Rasmussen

Pernille is a seasoned professional consultant and coach with a background of more than 20 years in the private and public health sector and a recent focus change into UN’s effort on Global Compact and SDG2030 through a newly acquired Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Health.

Through several focused projects, Pernille has documented her ability to create sustainable changes for a wide range of organisations such as retail, food production, digital transformation and healthcare.

With these changes the involved partners and organisations were able to create solid business cases with a clear sustainability focus without loosing focus on core values and production – or their return of investments.

Curious to learn more? Well, get in contact with Pernille as soon as possible to get the insights on her project portfolio and experience – Perhaps there is a match with you as well!

Thank you for reading

Pernille Isabell Krav Rasmussen

About eGovAlliance

Welcome to eGovAlliance – a Danish eGovernment consultancy providing governments around the world with the assistance of highly skilled and experienced eGovernment professionels.our_services

From Idea to Action

In 2013, a couple of senior consultants from the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian governments realised the need for a independent unit or agency which could assist and support governments around the world in their digital eGovernment projects. Governments in the Nordic region have completed many successful eGovernment projects and are in the process of implementing even more advanced solutions.

Over the past years demand for this kind of assistance, in the form of speeches or lightning talks at conferences, workshops, coaching, project audits, knowledge transfer, and ideation and strategy consulting, just to name a few, has grown almost exponentially. However, the public agencies in the Nordic countries have very limited resources to share their knowledge and experience and to assist other governments.

That is the mission of eGovAlliance: To meet the demand for knowledge and assistance, helping governments, individual agencies, private companies, universities and others around the world in designing and running better eGovernment projects on the basis of the solid experience of highly skilled professionals who have worked on the successful Nordic eGovernment projects. That is exactly what we do.

If you would like more information on eGovAlliance and on how we can assist you please get in touch through our contact page.